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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First Thessalonians is  the first volume in this series studied and written upon.  It is short and to the point, with commentary references at the end.  This is a true adventure story, complete with high paced excitement.  Below is an excert from the preface in this series

Preface to the Book of First Thessalonians
In my research of many different commentaries and versions of the Bible, I have found within the study of this book a good specific understanding of what God Himself was presenting to us by including this work in the Bible. 
The book of First Thessalonians tells you why it is put into the Bible. In Chapter one, verse seven, we find how the church had become a 'model' (NIV), an 'example' (NASB, NKJV), a 'pattern' (AMP), of handling persecution, affliction, and tribulation. Most commentaries explain that this is a personal letter about the hard times they had went through together, and that Paul had heartily commended them for being such a great 'example' for the other churches to follow. As surly as approaching Revelation by understanding it is mostly about the future, approaching this book from the perspective of a 'model' of enduring affliction, and what must be learned from this, will greatly enhance ones understanding of what is being taught. The doctrine studied here should be the study of persecution and affliction, with Holy Spirit joy, taught to us by the example of what these people went through.